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News Roundup September 11th

Screen Time Increases Odds of Low Communication Scores A recent study looked at the connection between screen media use, media content, and language development among 119 Hispanic infants and toddlers recruited through an urban, Early Head Start program. Length of time and content of screen media exposure was measured along with language development, which was […]

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The Magical Dance of Attachment

“You can witness a magical dance taking place between babies as young as 6 weeks of age and their caregivers – exchanges that resemble conversations in the back-and-forth of timing and sequencing of the sounds, gestures, and facial expressions. It almost looks as if the baby is wooing the adult. These “conversations” are a significant […]

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Why Babies? Why Now?

Why Babies? Why Now?  Unlike other organs, the brain is not fully formed at birth. In infancy, the brain we rely on for success in school and life is still developing. The human brain grows to 85% of its adult capacity between conception and age 3. The experiences we have, from conception to age three, […]

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News Roundup July 11th

Breast-Feeding Is Good for Brain Development Magnetic resonance imaging of infants’ brains shows that breastfeeding leads to increased development in the white matter regions of the brain. The white matter regions of the brain are associated with social emotional development, motor ability and language development. Three groups of infants matched for a variety of factors […]

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NAEYC’s 2013 National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development

NAEYC’s 2013 National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development will be held in San Francisco June 9-12th.  This year’s theme is “Developmentally Appropriate Practice: The Next Era”. Will you attend? It’s not too late to register. We’d love to see you there. J. Ronald Lally and Peter Mangione are presenting a featured session on Tuesday, […]

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News Roundup April 5th

Screen Time Vs. Social Interaction In ECE PolicyMatters, Susan Ochshorn writes about how new technology may affect human development. Beginning in infancy, children’s interactions with caregivers encourage intellectual, social and emotional growth. The parent infant relationship helps the infant build trust and encourages the child’s desire to engage in the world. But what happens if […]

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Beating Birth Defects Before Pregnancy

Preconception health is critical to women who may become pregnant. It’s during the earliest months of pregnancy, often before a woman realizes she is pregnant, that unhealthy habits may cause birth defects in babies. In a one minute podcast from the HHS HealthBeat, Ira Dreyfuss shares the importance of healthy living for women of childbearing […]

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Dr. Brazelton Receives 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal

In a White House ceremony this morning, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton was awarded the prestigious 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal in recognition of his exemplary deeds of service for the country and his fellow citizens. Dr. Brazelton accepted this distinguished honor on behalf of all children and their families, and all who protect and care for […]

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News Roundup February 8

Benefits of Early Home Visiting Seen in School  Healthy Families New York has released a study comparing children who received home visits and those who did not. The program provides home visits for at risk expectant parents and new mothers. These visits provide parents with information about child development and stress reduction and occur until […]

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20th Anniversary of FMLA Brings New Expansions

This week the U.S. Department of Labor marks the 20th anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) with a final rule to implement expansions to FMLA protections for military families and airline flight crews. The first expansion allows more military families to take leave for activities when a service member is deployed as well […]

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