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News Roundup December 3

Proven Interventions Decrease Preterm Births: While preterm births are declining, it is important to focus on prevention to ensure this decline continues. According to an article in The Lancet, there are five proven interventions that can decrease the rate of preterm births. Examples of these interventions include eliminating early caesarian deliveries that are not medically […]

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World Prematurity Day November 17th

Did you know that worldwide there are 15 million preterm births each year and that number is rising? The ten countries with the highest numbers include the United States, according to a May 2012 global report on premature birth issued by the March of Dimes and several partners. This November 17th, the March of Dimes […]

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News Roundup: September 12

Prenatal Care Finding high-quality prenatal care is often challenging, particularly if it’s not just physical care that’s required.  In Slate’s recent three-part series, Not Just the Pregnancy Blues, Jessica Grose explores some of the complex issues surrounding mental health care during pregnancy—from her own and other women’s stories of struggling with depression and finding the […]

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News Roundup: June 7

Rhode Island Kids Count knows how important a strong start is for giving children the best chance is in life. In a recent presentation on on the economic, health, educational, and developmental trends for children in Pawtucket, representatives for the organization discussed the positive impact that  timely prenatal care, high-quality childcare, and in-home support programs […]

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Calling All Dads! It’s Time to Share Your Stories

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’ll be spending some time next week looking at dads’ experiences in their children’s early years.  You can help us explore the challenges and triumphs of fatherhood by sharing your stories. What kinds of stories? For starters, we’d love to hear about: How you’ve balanced job and family […]

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A Week Of Honoring Mothers, Part 2: A Look at How Mothers and Children Fare Around the World

For every mother come challenges in ensuring a child’s health, safety and happiness. While some mothers have the time and resources to that allow them to provide for their children far beyond the basics,  for many of the world’s mothers,  the single greatest challenge they face is making sure they and their children receive adequate […]

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News Roundup: May 10

In her Homefront blog, Sarah Kickler Kelber takes a lighthearted look at some of the “challenges” she’s going to face as a mom transitioning back to work after maternity leave. [Baltimore Sun] For students at Tennessee’s Austin Peay State University, balancing family and school just got a little bit easier. Beginning this fall, the school […]

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In the News: Research, Medicine, and Community Support for Our Babies

Giving babies the best chance for healthy, happy, and productive lives requires a lot of hard work and attention, not all of it from parents. So, who is working for our babies? Doctors Good health care can make all the difference for mother and baby, and it’s important to start as soon as possible. While […]

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News Roundup: April 17

Prenatal Care Highlighting the importance of quality prenatal care, the Taylor County (Texas) Child Fatality Review Team found that the majority of reported child deaths within the county in 2010-2011 were related to preterm birth and preventable or treatable diseases and disorders. Dr. Nicole Bullock points out that many women in the area, especially those […]

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Lack of Pre-Pregnancy Care Harms Our Babies

A major influence on pregnancy outcomes is women’s health and health care during the year leading up to pregnancy (called the preconception period). Consider this: If a woman is in poor health before pregnancy, there is an increased risk of: Premature birth A low birth weight baby Major birth defects Pregnancy complications Death of the mother […]

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