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New Report: How Paid Leave Strengthens Families in the 21st Century

 The National Center for Children and Poverty (NCCP) just released a report titled “Building a Competitive Future Right from the Start: How Paid Leave Strengthens Families in the 21st Century” authored by Susan Ochshorn and Curtis Skinner.  The paper includes “a brief history of paid family leave policy, in the United States and abroad; synthesizes […]

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News Roundup: September 12

Prenatal Care Finding high-quality prenatal care is often challenging, particularly if it’s not just physical care that’s required.  In Slate’s recent three-part series, Not Just the Pregnancy Blues, Jessica Grose explores some of the complex issues surrounding mental health care during pregnancy—from her own and other women’s stories of struggling with depression and finding the […]

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Paid Leave Policies: Google Steps Up

For more than a decade, Google has been where millions of people go daily in the quest for answers. But according to an article published by the New York Times on August 22, the company recently had to do some digging for answers of their own.  In particular, they found themselves asking what, exactly, they […]

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Family Leave Insurance Webinar – July 12, 2012

The National Center for Children in Poverty will host a Webinar on Family Leave Insurance tomorrow, Thursday, July 12th, 12pm-1:15pm Eastern time. The event is titled “Family Leave Insurance in New York State:  Engaging the Early Childhood and Public Health Communities” and will focus on the importance of family leave insurance for healthy development in early […]

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News Roundup: June 14

We’ve got a lot of wide-ranging news to share with you this week, from an interview with a business owner turned stay-at-home dad to research on how preschool teachers are (or are not) prepared for dealing with young children’s emotional development. But before that, just a reminder to all the dads out there that we’d […]

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Calling All Dads! It’s Time to Share Your Stories

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’ll be spending some time next week looking at dads’ experiences in their children’s early years.  You can help us explore the challenges and triumphs of fatherhood by sharing your stories. What kinds of stories? For starters, we’d love to hear about: How you’ve balanced job and family […]

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News Roundup: May 24

For Our Babies @ The Huffington Post In his most recent blog for the Huffington Post, Ron Lally discusses how the lack of paid family leave in the United States does great disservice to families, increasing the risks of physical, emotional, and financial strain.  It’s not just the lack of paid leave, though, that leaves […]

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A Week Of Honoring Mothers, Part 2: A Look at How Mothers and Children Fare Around the World

For every mother come challenges in ensuring a child’s health, safety and happiness. While some mothers have the time and resources to that allow them to provide for their children far beyond the basics,  for many of the world’s mothers,  the single greatest challenge they face is making sure they and their children receive adequate […]

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A Week for Honoring Mothers, Day 1: Paid Leave Policies

This Sunday the United States celebrates Mother’s Day, but there is more to celebrating mothers than cards and flowers. Mother’s Day has its roots in activism and advocacy. It was born out of the work of women to mend the national and familial wounds of the Civil War, their calls for international disarmament, support for […]

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In the News: The Economics of Parental Leave

We know that it’s important that parents have enough time to bond with and care for children, but the situation isn’t always that simple. Especially not when the realities of working parents and family finances come into play. In a recent segment on Morning Edition, working mothers and paid-leave advocates discussed the complex work-family conflicts […]

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