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News Roundup January 13th

A New Study Suggests a Father’s Diet and Folate (Vitamin B9) Levels Before Conception May Be as Important to Infant Health and Development as That of the Mother A recent study from McGill University using mice with low paternal dietary folate levels showed alterations in mouse sperm epigenome associated with negative pregnancy outcomes. This study […]

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Podcast: Support for Quality Child Care – Generating Interest in Early Child Care Issues

George Philipp, early care and education advocate and father, talks with Julie Weatherston about building support for early child care issues and the importance of getting parents and all of society to understand the science behind the early years and create “a grassroots buzz” about the issues being addressed by the For Our Babies campaign. […]

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Podcast: Obstacles To Reform – Why Is It So Hard To Get Politicians To Listen?

Julie Weatherston and George Philipp, Early Care Advocate and father, discuss the challenges of getting legislators to support early care and education in the US and the potential benefits to providing more supportive policies for families with infants and toddlers. Length: 5 min 25 sec Download

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What Does It Mean to Be a Dad Now? Looking at “The New Dad” Reports

It’s a mother’s job to nurture; a good father just needs to be a good provider. Sound familiar? It’s one of the most common myths of the American family, and in the past it may even have been a mostly true description of how some families functioned. But the world as we were shown it […]

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