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Promoting Peaceful Development of Our Babies

 The Early Experiences that Lead to the Acceptance of Self and Understanding of OthersAs we come to the end of 2015, it seems from the news we receive through our many media sources, that we live in a world consumed by fear and filled with violence and hatred. We at “For Our Babies” feel saddened […]

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New Video: The Social Womb

Building on a concept that I first introduced in my book “For Our Babies: Ending the Invisible Neglect of America’s Infants”, I recently wrote and narrated a six minute animated video, for use with the general public, called “The Social Womb”.  The video and an accompanying paper are both available for public use. The video […]

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Lack of Pre-Pregnancy Care Harms Our Babies

A major influence on pregnancy outcomes is women’s health and health care during the year leading up to pregnancy (called the preconception period). Consider this: If a woman is in poor health before pregnancy, there is an increased risk of: Premature birth A low birth weight baby Major birth defects Pregnancy complications Death of the mother […]

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The Human Brain from Birth to Age 3

Did you know that, unlike other vital organs, the human brain is not fully developed at birth? In fact, our brains grow to 85% of their adult size between conception and age 3. Most of us know that prenatal care, childhood immunizations and well-baby care, child safety and proper nutrition are important for raising healthy […]

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The Invisible Neglect of U.S. Babies

Dr. Ron Lally speaks about the invisible neglect of U.S. babies taking place in our country since the 1960s. View more videos

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Research Supports Healthy Returns from Investing In Healthy Babies

This New Republic article shows new research establishing a causal relationship between trouble in very early childhood and later in life and why it makes economic sense to address this trouble earlier rather than later. The research says childhood adversity causes damage to the brain’s developing architecture and after age two this damage is difficult […]

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Babies Need Bonding

Dr. Ron Lally talks about the importance of bonding and attachment in infancy and shares research on the adult’s role in the emotional wiring of the brain. View more videos

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Babies Shouldn’t Shoulder The Burden Anymore

Dr. Ron Lally speaks about the frustrating recent history of America’s infants and calls on America to step up for its babies. View more videos

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Babies As Learners: Curious, Motivated and Vulnerable

Dr. Ron Lally talks about the necessity for policymakers and parents to understand that babies are curious, motivated learners born with a brain that is genetically wired to seek meaning and learn language. View more videos

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School Readiness Begins in Infancy

In my article I show how healthy social development in infancy prepares a child for school. Because crucial brain wiring takes place through social interactions during a child’s first two years, primary caregivers are shaping, positively or negatively, the foundational learning structures of an infant’s brain. American babies, when compared to those in every other […]

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