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News Roundup: May 22

Highlighting the Importance Of Focusing on Babies “Once hatched, a duck can quickly go about its business, while a human infant is completely dependent on adult caregivers for about two years…. It is during this period of life that babies shape their brains from learning from others how to operate.” “Few of us pay as […]

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Knowing Your Way Around a Baby’s Brain

Can a mother-to-be’s stress impact her baby’s future brain development? Do our brains get more or less active as we get older? What kind of stimuli do babies need in order to build a strong foundation for learning later in life? Knowing the answers to these types of questions makes it that much easier to […]

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In The News: Breastfeeding Benefits and Policies.

Just last week in looking at the State of the World’s Mothers report, we highlighted the fact that the United States is ranked last among developed nations in breastfeeding-friendly culture. Discussion about our attitudes toward breastfeeding got a little bit louder this past week with Time Magazine’s cover story on attachment parenting. The cover stirred […]

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Raising a Mug to 1,000 Pledges and Counting…

We send our congratulations and our thanks to Stephen Frick, CEO of Trade A Favor, for his well-timed decision to support the For Our Babies mission. In exchange for being our 1,000th pledge of support, Stephen will receive a For Our Babies mug. We’re thrilled to give him the opportunity to enjoy the piping-hot beverage […]

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A Week Of Honoring Mothers, Part 2: A Look at How Mothers and Children Fare Around the World

For every mother come challenges in ensuring a child’s health, safety and happiness. While some mothers have the time and resources to that allow them to provide for their children far beyond the basics,  for many of the world’s mothers,  the single greatest challenge they face is making sure they and their children receive adequate […]

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News Roundup: May 10

In her Homefront blog, Sarah Kickler Kelber takes a lighthearted look at some of the “challenges” she’s going to face as a mom transitioning back to work after maternity leave. [Baltimore Sun] For students at Tennessee’s Austin Peay State University, balancing family and school just got a little bit easier. Beginning this fall, the school […]

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A Week for Honoring Mothers, Day 1: Paid Leave Policies

This Sunday the United States celebrates Mother’s Day, but there is more to celebrating mothers than cards and flowers. Mother’s Day has its roots in activism and advocacy. It was born out of the work of women to mend the national and familial wounds of the Civil War, their calls for international disarmament, support for […]

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In the News: Research, Medicine, and Community Support for Our Babies

Giving babies the best chance for healthy, happy, and productive lives requires a lot of hard work and attention, not all of it from parents. So, who is working for our babies? Doctors Good health care can make all the difference for mother and baby, and it’s important to start as soon as possible. While […]

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In the News: Giving Parents Information They Need

Florida’s Department of Children & Families is working to make sure that all parents have a network of support. In addition to offering a free and confidential Parent Helpline, they also publish Family Development – A Caregiver’s Guide, which can be viewed or downloaded from the Department’s website. Available in English, Spanish, and Creole, the […]

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In the News: The Economics of Parental Leave

We know that it’s important that parents have enough time to bond with and care for children, but the situation isn’t always that simple. Especially not when the realities of working parents and family finances come into play. In a recent segment on Morning Edition, working mothers and paid-leave advocates discussed the complex work-family conflicts […]

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