Let’s Stop Squandering America’s Future!

Squandering the Future Hi-Res CoverLooking for an excellent summer read? This one is hot off the press today! In her new book, Squandering America’s Future – Why ECE Policy Matters for Equality, Our Economy, and Our Children, Susan Ochshorn offers a pioneering guide to the big issues in contemporary early childhood policy. Written in a lively, personal style, the book drives home the importance of the earliest years for developing human capital—the nation’s future.

Susan Ochshorn is the founder of the consulting firm ECE PolicyWorks. A former journalist, Ochshorn blogs at the Huffington Post and ECE Policy Matters, the go-to place for early childhood teachers, those who train them, and the decision makers who determine their professional course. For more information about Susan Ochshorn or Squandering America’s Future, please visit: www.ecepolicyworks.com.

Here is just a small sampling of praise Ochshorn has received for her book:

 “This remarkable book manages to pinpoint the critical issues in the care and education of young children with up-to-date research, and all of this in a pleasurable and lively style.  This needs to be read widely, and right away.” — Deborah Meier, Senior Scholar, NYU Steinhardt School, Author, The Power of their Ideas

Susan Ochshorn paints a picture of children and families in America exposed to risks and circumstances that threaten their lives, happiness, and future. Fortunately, she doesn’t leave us in despair, but shows us how a few dedicated people, schools, agencies, and institutions have made a difference in children’s lives—a difference that is enhancing early development in this generation and those to come.” Samuel J. Meisels, Founding Executive Director, Buffett Early Childhood Institute

Susan Ochshorn has created a kaleidoscope of stories and statistics to illustrate the profound injustices we are visiting on our children and the corresponding injuries we are inflicting on ourselves. We can only hope that Squandering America’s Future will help to turn the tide.” — Anne-Marie Slaughter, President and CEO, New America

Finally, if reading Squandering America’s Future gives you ideas for furthering the For Our Babies movement, please contact us at followus@forourbabies.org. We’d love to hear from you!


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