The Human Brain’s Need For a “Social Womb” During Infancy

Picture 2In this article “The Human Brains Need for a Social WombFINALApril2014” J. Ronald Lally tells us why the young brain needs a protected and nurtured experience equivalent to the protection a fetus receives in the womb.

Because of the lasting impact of early brain structuring, Lally argues that whether a baby is cared for at home or in child care, the conditions under which the infant’s brain develops must be taken seriously. Lally says “child development research points to the need for a social womb that provides the infant with the opportunity to 1) develop secure bonds with people who care for them, 2) to engage in protected and encouraged social, intellectual and communicative exploration, and 3) build a positive self-identity and sense of self.”

In his summary of policy recommendations to support a social womb, Lally describes the importance and goals of: paid leave, well baby care and high quality infant care.

Download the full article in pdf format: The Human Brains Need for a Social WombFINALApril2014.

You can also find more information on the “Social Womb” concept in J. Ronald Lally’s latest book, For Our Babies: Ending the Invisible Neglect of America’s Infants.

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