Raising a Mug to 1,000 Pledges and Counting…

We send our congratulations and our thanks to Stephen Frick, CEO of Trade A Favor, for his well-timed decision to support the For Our Babies mission. In exchange for being our 1,000th pledge of support, Stephen will receive a For Our Babies mug. We’re thrilled to give him the opportunity to enjoy the piping-hot beverage of his choice and tell the world that he believes in building better futures, all at the same time.

 We asked Stephen why he chose to sign our pledge and this is what he had to say:

 “I support For Our Babies for two reasons. First, I am familiar with the psychological and developmental literature that teaches us how essential early development is. I have been in the presence of (very educated) people who think their children won’t form memories or be affected by their environment until they’re old enough to carry on a conversation! Misconceptions about infant development abound, and it’s time for a wake-up call.

Second, I was lucky enough to have a mother (a teacher for over 40 years) who knew the importance of early childhood development. From reading to me and playing music for me while I was still in the womb to surrounding me with intellectual challenges as a child, I know in my heart that her efforts in this regard contributed more to my success than anything else. Take it from me. If you want your children to go to Harvard, do what my mom did and engage with them early and often. What and how you do it is far less important than the fact of your doing it.

Good luck to For Our Babies! Your mission couldn’t be more critical.”


Thank you again, Stephen!


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