News Roundup: May 24

For Our Babies @ The Huffington Post

In his most recent blog for the Huffington Post, Ron Lally discusses how the lack of paid family leave in the United States does great disservice to families, increasing the risks of physical, emotional, and financial strain.  It’s not just the lack of paid leave, though, that leaves our families in the lurch.  Read the full blog to find out more about where we’re falling short and what needs to be done.

Other Voices On Leave and Job Protection

  • Drawing from a new report from the International Labor Organization and Save the Children’s State of the World’s Mothers, The Huffington Post Canada offers an overview of the state of maternity leave around the world, reiterating the dismal statistics for the United States.
  • Even while we struggle issues of leave, there is news of a small possible step forward for working mothers-to-be. It comes in the form of the Pregnant Workers Fairness act. This bill, if passed, would close a gap in job protection not addressed by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act by requiring employers to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees’ physical limitations.  [New York Times]
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