Family Leave in California

What kind of leave can you take for prenatal care? Is your maternity/parental leave going to be paid or unpaid? Can you use your own sick time if you’re staying home to care for a sick child? Even when you have the legal right to take time off related to pregnancy and caring for your children, sometimes it can be very hard to keep track of what rules and limits exist. For instance, in 2002, California instituted a paid family leave program that allows parents to take up to six weeks of time away from their jobs to care for a child while receiving partial pay. But when and how does it apply?

If you’re a California parent or parent-to-be, Paid Family Leave California provides answers to frequently asked questions about the state’s policies to help you understand your options. The site also features Six Key Laws for Parents, a one-page PDF that provides an at-a-glance guide to the types of leave available and the situations in which they apply.

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