For Our Babies: On a Mission to Build a Better Future

We are kicking off the For Our Babies campaign with some strong and startling statements about our failure to meet the most basic needs of our nation’s infants and toddlers. We are determined to make Americans aware of the shortcomings of the current support systems for our youngest children. 

Research tells us that the human brain grows to 85% of its adult capacity between conception and age 3. This basic biological fact has direct implications for the support of human development during these earliest years of life. Infants and toddlers need stable environments, positive experiences, and nurturing relationships if they are to thrive and develop to their full potential. Unfortunately, our current systems don’t go far enough, or reach wide enough, to encompass and adequately serve all of our babies and toddlers.

How can we resolve this public health crisis? The For Our Babies campaign aims to improve conditions for all of our nation’s infants and toddlers by strengthening awareness and support in four key areas:

  • Prenatal Care, including prenatal care and counseling for all expectant parents, regardless of income.
  • Paid Leave and Well Baby Care, including paid leave for parents during the first 9 months of their babies’ lives and preventive health care for all infants and toddlers.
  • Screening and Follow-up Services, including identifying children’s physical and behavioral needs, and referrals to affordable services as needed.
  • Quality Infant/Toddler Care, including regulations that ensure that care is provided in safe, engaging, and intimate settings.

We encourage you to read our Mission Statement  in its entirety. We ask for your support to accomplish our goals. We welcome your perspectives, suggestions, and stories. Please join the For Our Babies campaign by signing our online petition and help us as we take a stand for our babies.

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